Winding down to Windhoek

‚ÄčNamibia Pt. 3 When we got the car back from the shop, with a new control arm installed, we got ourselves ready to head back on the road. One of our first stops along the way was to visit a small Himba village for the morning to get a sample of the traditional ways they … Continue reading Winding down to Windhoek


Never Thought I’d be here

‚ÄčNamibia Pt. 1 Namibia was really a by-the-seat-of-my-pants deal. There was no plan, no map, and almost two weeks to do something. After a 24 hour ride across the border from Cape Town and Windhoek, I managed to find the hostel and get a room. From there my only idea was to hang around Windhoek … Continue reading Never Thought I’d be here