Winding down to Windhoek

‚ÄčNamibia Pt. 3 When we got the car back from the shop, with a new control arm installed, we got ourselves ready to head back on the road. One of our first stops along the way was to visit a small Himba village for the morning to get a sample of the traditional ways they … Continue reading Winding down to Windhoek


The Good and Bad of Rocks

‚ÄčNamibia Pt. 2 Following the small, but restful, let down that was Swakopmund, we headed over to what were supposed to be some great examples of cave paintings and rock engravings. The first site we saw was of the paintings. The Damara tribe has been roaming the region for thousands of years and some of … Continue reading The Good and Bad of Rocks

Never Thought I’d be here

‚ÄčNamibia Pt. 1 Namibia was really a by-the-seat-of-my-pants deal. There was no plan, no map, and almost two weeks to do something. After a 24 hour ride across the border from Cape Town and Windhoek, I managed to find the hostel and get a room. From there my only idea was to hang around Windhoek … Continue reading Never Thought I’d be here