Wrapping up in Australia

Australia Pt 6 The final few days of my trip through the east coast of Australia were scheduled for Sydney, so I left Cairns early the day after snorkeling. The hostel helped me arrange for a bus to the airport which picked me up  and then started collecting other people. Among those was a British … Continue reading Wrapping up in Australia


Finding a Piece of Heaven

Australia Pt 5 Now we're coming up on two of my favorite destinations so far on my trip. For anyone who has made it this far through my blogs, then you might notice a little change in tone here, because all though these two places did not really offer much more than the last two … Continue reading Finding a Piece of Heaven

Queensland Quickly

Australia Pt 4 The flight to Brisbane got me there early in the morning, which worked out great since the city only really needs a day to wander around before you see everything. The whole day just turned into a leisurely stroll, with stops at the park, Queen Street Mall, and along the river. Brisbane … Continue reading Queensland Quickly