Running…Jogging start

Kenya Pt. 2 My first day of work at New Beginnings! The day started with a typical Kenyan breakfast of toast and tea (barely counts as enough for me) before waiting for the guy assigned to take me to the school. He was running a little late, but the weather had turned into a downpour … Continue reading Running…Jogging start


A Beginning

Kenya Pt 1. As I write this, my time in Kenya has been done for a bit. The three weeks I spent volunteering were not exactly what I might have hoped for, but I had tempered my expectations. But maybe I should talk about my first impressions, since I had a couple of days after … Continue reading A Beginning

Wrapping up in Australia

Australia Pt 6 The final few days of my trip through the east coast of Australia were scheduled for Sydney, so I left Cairns early the day after snorkeling. The hostel helped me arrange for a bus to the airport which picked me up  and then started collecting other people. Among those was a British … Continue reading Wrapping up in Australia

Queensland Quickly

Australia Pt 4 The flight to Brisbane got me there early in the morning, which worked out great since the city only really needs a day to wander around before you see everything. The whole day just turned into a leisurely stroll, with stops at the park, Queen Street Mall, and along the river. Brisbane … Continue reading Queensland Quickly

Beginning Re-westernization

Australia Part 1 This section of the trip will have to be broken down a bit. Between my time in Sydney and Melbourne I have been moving non-stop, so writing out a blog was unrealistic. But I do not want to bore anyone with too many details from any particular day, so each blog is … Continue reading Beginning Re-westernization