Welcome to the blog Meant2Wander. My name is Nick and the name of this blog comes from my natural disposition to get around. I originally come from a city in Ohio that was home to Hoover vacuums for a loooooong time. But it sucks there (haha) so I searched for a way out for years. My wanderlust grew after trips to Europe with visits to Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic. My horizons having been expanded, the rest of the world awaited me. After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Akron, the desire to move abroad took hold of me and in not too long I found myself on a plane to South Korea. Five and a half years later, I have lived in cities all across the southern part of the peninsula, gotten a Master’s degree in English Education, met friends from all walks of life and from all over the map, and added China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Cambodia to my passport stamp collection. Although, I have become a little spoiled by the life I was living in Korea, the time has come to get back to my instincts and hit the road.
Currently I am on my way to Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, the U.S.A. and beyond. The goal is to have seen six or all seven continents within the year. I have the funds and time to achieve this goal, but will have to put all my thrifty survival skills to work.
On top of sight-seeing, I will be spending three weeks as a volunteer in Kenya with International Volunteer Headquarters to help people with disablilities. My hope is to add to the work already being done there and make a positive difference for others, too. Volunteer work with the Special Olympics is something my family has enjoyed a lot and my experience helping my grandmother after her leg was amputated makes this part of the trip all the more meaningful.
This blog represents the culmination and continuation of all those experiences. I have left South Korea in search of a new place to call home. Along the way I want to share my experiences, tips, and keep in touch with all those people I have met. As often as possible, I will add updates to a diary, some pictures, and tips for how to have a safe, affordable, and fulfilling experience when traveling abroad. I will try to keep everything PG-13 at worst, but no guarantees.
Of course, I am always open to new ways of trying something, new places to visit (especially if a couch is on offer), or new people to meet, so if you have wandered into this blog, feel free to share or get in touch!



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