Moving on is easier said than done

Kenya Pt 4
My final week in Kenya started out well. The new volunteers and I got a long quickly by playing cards. The other new volunteer was from Canada and was going to the same children’s rescue center as me, but she was having trouble with being away from home for the first time. We all tried to help each other feel as comfortable as possible and adjust to the new setting, so I was pretty confident she would be alright.
That Monday, the students from the orphanage had come to meet the other volunteer and take her to the center. I met them there after arriving from Nairobi later in the morning. The center housed 35+ children from ages 2 to 17. The children were mostly placed there by the state after being orphaned, abandoned or abused. Each of the children also had to go to court on a regular basis to try and resolve his or her situation from a legal stand point. The center gave them food and beds, fed them, and tried to create a little structure with some schooling, chores, and play time every day.
When I arrived, the children were waiting to meet us, so the new volunteer and I did a little introduction and Q&A session with them before lunch time. The lunch was followed by play time. Play time would prove to be a bad decision. The students wanted to play soccer and of course I joined in. Unfortunately, I had worn pants and heavy boots and not brought a lot of water. The temperature after lunch was not extremely hot but I definitely should not have been out there for as long as I was. The other volunteer offered me her water but I still needed a bit more. Instead of asking to go to a shop and buy some water though, I drank what was offered to me at the center. Turned out the water was from the tap. I would pay for that decision the rest of the week. Some bacteria in the water settled into my stomach and made a mess of things until I finally got some mdicine to evict it. The whole week was gone before I knew it. Days were spent curled in a ball in bed and nights were spent thinking tomorrow the bacteria would be done. Once I was better I decided to stay for a couple more days to say goodbye to the children and give a couple of gifts to the center.nd spend more time with the other volunteers whom I was closer to by this point. We all went over to Nairobi together, saw Kung Fu Panda 3, hung out at the volunteer house, and got ready for what was next. I really think we will all stay friends for a long time.
For the time being, though, I was off to Tanzania!


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