Wrapping up in Australia

Australia Pt 6
The final few days of my trip through the east coast of Australia were scheduled for Sydney, so I left Cairns early the day after snorkeling. The hostel helped me arrange for a bus to the airport which picked me up  and then started collecting other people. Among those was a British woman, a German guy, an Austrian woman, and a German woman. For such a short trip, the others might not be worth mentioning normally, but the German woman and the Austrian woman ended up being on the same flight and then were my travelmates in Sydney. The German is a music major and the Austrian had been working in New Zealand with a trip to Australia before heading home.
After a short flight in the emergency seats (severly underrated seats since you get to board first and have more leg room), I headed out to find a hostel while the ladies went to theirs. My choice turned out to be sick. The hostel had a pool, billiards, two kitchens, and offered plenty of other things. The morning had $1 pancakes and in the evening hot dogs, drinks, or activities were offered for cheap. The overall price of the place was a bit more than I like to pay, but the cheap food made staying there a steal. The ladies and I made a plan to meet up for dinner and the guy at the desk gave me some tips on where to get some food. We picked a Taiwanese restaurant on Dixon Street which had some good dumplings and noodles. The bubble tea hit the spot too. The next stop was a small bar with $10 jugs of beer. We got in some get-to-know-you games and generally had a great time. I convinced the ladies to head back to Chinatown for a karaoke room bar where we belted our hearts out. The music student had a really good voice, while the Austrian woman sat back and enjoyed the show. We had to call it an early night though, because we could not find a bar open after we left the karaoke room at 1 a.m.
The next day we met for a self-made tour of Sydney. We all walked down to the Circular Quay, took some pics at the Opera House, and enjoyed a rest at the Botanical Gardens. The weather held up for the most part so we were able to enjoy seeing the city. We also got a tip that one of the local travel agencies was hosting a small party. Free drinks and pizza was too tempting to pass up. The German woman had to leave early the next day which meant the party was cut short for her, but we all managed to get enough drinks and food plus the bar had some crab racing and music to make the night fun.
For the last day in Sydney and Australia, the Austrian woman and I let ourselves get lost in the city for a bit. When we figured out where we were, we had already walked down to Darlington Harbour, which is a little out of the way. The weather was great again so we decided to relax in the park then do some shopping for souvenirs. We spent most of the time looking for stuff for ourselves in the end, though. Later in the evening I was finally off to Africa!


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