Moving on is easier said than done

Kenya Pt 4 My final week in Kenya started out well. The new volunteers and I got a long quickly by playing cards. The other new volunteer was from Canada and was going to the same children's rescue center as me, but she was having trouble with being away from home for the first time. … Continue reading Moving on is easier said than done


Working on it

Kenya pt. 3 The weekend after Outreach was the last one for the other guy. He spent his time finalizing plans and saying goodbyes. We went and saw one more match of the Kibera boys' soccer team but I over slept taking an afternoon nap and missed out on the chance to get some drinks … Continue reading Working on it

Running…Jogging start

Kenya Pt. 2 My first day of work at New Beginnings! The day started with a typical Kenyan breakfast of toast and tea (barely counts as enough for me) before waiting for the guy assigned to take me to the school. He was running a little late, but the weather had turned into a downpour … Continue reading Running…Jogging start

Wrapping up in Australia

Australia Pt 6 The final few days of my trip through the east coast of Australia were scheduled for Sydney, so I left Cairns early the day after snorkeling. The hostel helped me arrange for a bus to the airport which picked me up  and then started collecting other people. Among those was a British … Continue reading Wrapping up in Australia