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Australia Pt 3
My last two days in Victoria turned out to be great! Some of the people I met the day before were going to the South East Asia food festival and asked if I wanted to tag along, which I of course said yes to. The food was amazing! Sri Lankan curry, grilled calamari, banana fritters, potato twists, and coconut ice cream were just the things we ended up sampling. We really could not stop salivating over all the other food, though. I seriously considered taking a walk around town and coming back in the evening to try out everything else. Ended up walking over to Victoria Market with my friends, instead, and discovering a Turkish food and culture festival going on. The others did some shopping and I watched as old Australian men competed with the new generation of sellers from around the world to hawk meat, fruits, and veggies. The market was really great and the Turkish festival offered some more good eats for me to munch on, this time a flat bread dessert with Nutella. Then I was finally finished eating enough to head back to the hostel. There was still time to meet my new roommates, also. The two women from Toronto who were starting their working holidays were on their way to the fireworks for Moomba Festival with other friends, so I tagged along (after asking first). The fireworks were good, but the highlight had to be the silent disco afterwards. A circus tent full of people flipping channels between sets from two different DJ’s and dancing recklessly was an awesome sight to see. We followed that up by going down to St. Kilda and drinking goon, a cheap Australian wine, on the beach! A highly recommended experience in Australia, especially when some skinny-dippers come around (though cannot honestly be sure if they were completely naked). Another late night well spent!
The next morning at 7 a.m., I was off to the Great Ocean Road, one of the few places that everyone agrees is a must see in Australia. Definitely worth the trip, even on short sleep and with a bit of a goon hangover. The guide for the day was Digga and the other guests were from Hong Kong, Singapore, Vegas, San Fran, and England. Digga is really passionate about not only wildlife and nature, but also does a great job of acknowledging the aboriginal history of the places we visited. He even had a great map that showed the general area where the major dialects were spoken in Australia before colonization. The tour took us through parks where we saw koalas, a rare carnivorous snail, ancient giant trees, and the Twelve Apostles (giant rocks). The views were amazing and once the group got going we all got along really well. Hopefully I will be able to get the pictures up on here to really show what breath-taking views the Great Ocean Road has. All I could think about the whole time was how satisfying it must have been to build that road, nearly 100 years ago, when you could wake up to those views everyday.
Fortunately, I sat up front with Digga and we had some good food along the way too, which made the twelve hours on the road a little easier to bear, but definitely a trip anybody in Australia needs to make.
The next day, though, I will be heading to Brisbane. Melbourne is one more place I really hope to be able to visit again and again in the future.


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